Do you offer 30 day accounts for wholesale?

Unfortunately not at this stage, however we have Afterpay as a payment option so you can buy now and pay later, interest free. Simply select at checkout through our wholesale website.

How do I purchase tester products?

To add testers to your order, simply click on the 'SHOP TESTERS & POS' tab above, just add any testers that you require to your order. You can also find testers for free where specified in our bundles - click on the 'SHOP BUNDLES' tab above!

What is your tester policy?

Testers are available to purchase individually for $5+GST. Testers must be displayed open and slightly wound up on the stand with no caps/lids. We discourage stores from displaying testers in direct sunlight or in heat, as this can affect the formula of the lipstick. Lipsticks are wax based and can melt if placed in direct sunlight or on top of a hot heater for example! Please do not allow customers to use tester products on their lips due to hygiene (ewww!). We have an order limit of 1 x tester/colour per order and under no circumstances can testers be sold or given to your customers, even for promotional purposes. Any stockists who do this will unfortunately no longer be authorised to retail Shanghai Suzy.

Can I purchase testers for personal use/for my staff?

We do not offer tester products for personal/staff use. We are more than happy for you to pass on wholesale pricing to your staff.

How much do I sell Shanghai Suzy lipsticks for?

Our recommended retail price is $19.95. 

Are your lipsticks vegan friendly?

Yes! They contain no animal products and they are not tested on animals. 

What is the difference between vegan lipsticks and regular lipsticks?
Many lipsticks contain animals byproducts such as beeswax and carmine (a red colouring additive made from beetles). Our products contain no beeswax, no carmine or any other animal products.
Are your lipsticks tested on animals?
Absolutely not. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals by us or by anyone on our behalf. We are against animal testing.
Why are your lipsticks so special?
Our lipsticks are made in Melbourne with love! Vegan, Cruelty-free, fruity fragranced and affordable at $19.95.

I often do my bridal trials a few months out - is there a chance that the lip colour a bride has chosen for herself or her bridal party could sell out before the wedding?

Yes! If you need a certain colour or multiples of a certain colour - stock up while the colour is available! Popular seasonal colours can sell out super quickly.  Remember, our seasonal colours are limited edition - we can always try to hunt some down for you but 9 times out of 10 once they are gone, they’re gone!

Are you affiliated with a larger parent company?

Nope! Shanghai Suzy is independently owned and operated. Just a couple of Melbourne gals doing what we love best!

What is your instagram?
Where are your lipsticks made?
Our lipsticks are made in Melbourne, Australia. Our lipsticks are produced in a state of the art laboratory by the leading colour cosmetics contract manufacturer in Australia.
Where did the name Shanghai Suzy come from?
All of the colours are named after friends of Shanghai Suzy owner Jo (Miss Cassandra, Miss Tanielle etc) and one of her friends is called Suzy and she’s from Shanghai, so she named the brand after her! We think it has a catchy ring to it :)
A customer has said that one of their Shanghai Suzy lipsticks has broken. What is your replacement policy?
Oh no!! If their lipstick has broken with regular use, please replace the broken lipstick to your customer (or substitute with another lipstick if the colour is no longer available or you do not have it in stock). Please ask them to return the broken lipstick to you prior to replacement, and please send us a photo of the broken lipstick. We will then reimburse you with the replacement lipstick, we will add this to your next order.
How do I look after my Shanghai Suzy lipsticks? What information can I pass on to my customers?
Lipsticks are wax-based and are susceptible to heat. If exposed to heat above 48 degrees (for instance, in a car where temps are normally over 75 degrees on hot days), the lipsticks can melt slightly and are more likely to snap/break. Try to keep your lipsticks out of steamy bathrooms and hot cars. If lipsticks are exposed to heat we recommend placing them in the fridge to help re-set the formula. Or you can keep them in the fridge during Summer/permanently to make them last even longer!